My goal as a climber has always been to travel, journey intended as research, exploration, of myself and what surround me, no matter if it’s right outside my home’s door or on the opposite side of the planet. Exploring in harmony with nature and respecting the environment, passing through without leaving any trace, minimizing the impact on the ecosystem.

Trips influenced by dreams, like the one to repeat some of the hardest routes in the world, that not always come true. My desire is to clean, to bolt and to open new lines, document and share my experiences, positive and negative, with the hope to be able to inspire other climbers.

5 best sport climbing routes:

– Le Cadre Nouvelle 9a Céüse France
– Coup de Grace 9A Val Bavona Swiss
– Cookie flake 8b+/c flash Zillertal Austria
– A Muerte 8C+/9A Siurana Spain
– Elementi di disturbo 8c+/9a Gressoney Italy

5 best boulders:

– Tirati Torinesi sds 8B FA Noasca Italy
– Sky 8B Rocklands South Africa
– Vecchio leone 8B Brione Switzerland
– El Corazon 8B Rocklands South Africa
– Boogalagga 8B Chironico Switzerland