I started climbing in 2010, when I was 16. Since then I got knocked  into a vortex of emotions that lead me to visit and to climb in some of the best places in the world.

Climbing is not just about your muscles, rather related to “rock quality”, the unique series of movements that a route can offer, and to the passion that keeps us going on even when we are suffering sore skin conditions and muscles fatique.

I’m so thankful our path crossed long time ago.

5 best sport climbing routes:

– Coup de Grace 9A Val Bavona Swiss
– A Muerte 8C+/9A Siurana Spain
– SS26 8C+ Gressoney Italy
– Bumaye 8C+ Margalef Spain
– Mr. Hyde 8C+ Céüse France

5 best boulders:

– Sky 8B Rocklands South Africa
– General Disarray 8B Brione Switzerland
– Vecchio leone 8B Brione Switzerland
– El Corazon 8B Rocklands South Africa
– The Crack Line 8B Chironico Switzerland